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Alpha Needs Every Brother

An active brotherhood is the lifeblood of our organization.  And although ‘College days may swiftly pass,’ our mission remains constant.  That’s why the decision to get active after several years, or remain active each year is such an important one.  It is, however, up to all Alpha men, to decide what level of engagement will best suit and compliment their lives. 

How to Get Active

  1. Upon successful login to AlphaNet, find the MEMBERSHIP tab

  2. On the MEMBERSHIP Page in AlphaNet, click on the Renew your Alpha Membership! button located under the “General Tasks” section

  3. Identify which type of Membership you are renewing “College” or “Alumni” or “Life” and click CONTINUE

  4. Ensure that your Membership Information is correct, choose a chapter in which you would like to affiliate with, read this page carefully and enter any missing or incorrect information and answer ALL questions posed

  5. Click the selection for Payment Option – “How would you like to make your payment?”, select “Credit Card” then click CONTINUE for next page

  6. Review next page for accuracy and enter “Credit Card Information”, click CONFIRM PAYMENT and standby until the transaction is completed

  7. You will receive a confirmation page by email of your payment processed in your AlphaNET account

If you have an issue with logging into your AlphaNet account, please contact the Membership Department at (410) 554-0040 or membership@apa1906.net for assistance.

If you do not have an AlphaNet account, please contact Membership for assistance as well.

The role of Reclamation within the chapter is  to:

  • To engage each brother of the chapter to identify brothers in the CSRA who are not currently affiliated with the local chapter.

  • To inform identified brothers of chapter sponsored programs and projects.

  • To invite brothers to attend chapter meetings on a regular basis.

We invite brothers seeking to be reclaimed or know of someone you'd like the chapter to reach out to complete this form.

Brother to be reclaimed
Brother to be reclaimed
If you selected "other" in the question above, please provide clarification.
Are you currently financial with the Alpha Phi Alpha National Office (Grand Tax)?
Referred By
Referred By